Since 2012

Formerly known as Atmo Jay Networks, a telecom systems integrator, we expanded to include utility, retail, and B2B operational services with state-of-the-art systems integration and technology solutions. Now we are known as 3E Works, and our company stands at the forefront of ASEAN industrial growth by providing comprehensive systems integration services across multiple sectors behind commercial and societal development.


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Enhancing the Operational Infrastructure of Businesses

We offer numerous products and services designed to:

  • Reduced energy costs and CO2 emissions

  • Optimise energy and processes

  • Integrate green technology

From customized product solutions to equipment installation, testing, commission, maintenance, and consultation, 3E Works partners with clients at any stage of project rollout or operations while offering rapid deployment and integration.

Being the biggest proponent of the "friends to mankind" core principles, we say "yes" to the following:

"In considering you, consider another too."

"May your success be the success for humanity at large."

"Doing what we can, where we are."

Kiruban Simhapatha

Founder & Managing Director of 3E Works
"Always strive for excellence"

Who we are

3EW About Team

Kiruban Simhapatha

Founder & Managing Director

Sri Devi Kerishnan Naidu

Head of Finance & HR

Ravi Murugiah

Head of Business & Technology Development

Navindran Ravindran

Head of Operation


Head of Technical

Shashi Kumar

Head of Sales


Logistic Manager

Nazreeq Aziz

Head of Product Evangelist

Our Core R&D

Research and Development

3E Works relies heavily on our in-house R&D team for our core product, 3EW PCM, and they continuously strive to build state-of-art products and solutions. Our core R&D belief is, there is no constant such as perfection, but the only constant is continuous improvement or continuous perfection. We instil this into the very fabric of our culture by constantly debunking our products and solutions.

Over the Years



Formed In Feb 2012

2012 - 2014

Served as telecommunication engineering contractor with two teams


Bagged nationwide contract to manage and roll out a remote monitoring system to 3,200 sites for a tower company in Malaysia


Successfully completed remote monitoring project


Registered as authorised service partner to major telecommunication vendors in Malaysia

2017 - 2018

Successfully managed and rolled out a free cooling system to 900 sites for one of the top telco operators in Malaysia


Pivoted the business to offer energy-efficient products and solutions to reduce business operating expenditures and help climate change


Invested in R&D


Rebranded to 3E Works to carry our new business direction


Partnered with leading scientist to develop proprietary eutectic phase change solution. Successfully tested applications to multiple industries, especially telecommunication and retail outlets


Expanded to east Malaysia and Singapore


Transformed fully into a multidisciplinary solution provider with a niche expertise in energy efficiency using phase change material for utility, retail, manufacturing, and logistic industry


Integrated negative pressure-based free cooling unit and remote data logger into our solutions


Partner with Us

Experience Enhanced Productivity, Performance & Operational Stability

3E Works represents a culmination of Malaysia’s very own engineering talent and the ability to form strong business relationships centred on mutual growth and success. We work with top firms in the ASEAN telecom, utility, B2B, and retail industries while delivering customised strategies with a focus on cost-effective elements and the highest international standards of performance. We deliver multidisciplinary systems integration designed to reduce energy consumption and enhance business operations while minimising OPEX through green technology and process innovation.

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