I/O Based Remote Monitoring System

A platform for IoT

An Intelligent Tier of Connectivity

Delivering Cutting-Edge Technology

Partnering with global leaders in Internet of Intelligent Things (IOIT), 3E Works delivers cutting-edge remote monitoring systems to telecommunication, banking, manufacturing, and utility industries that rely on big data analysis for improved workflows among machines, information, and personnel.

Link Devices to an Intelligent Tier of Connectivity

Our technology is a middleware IOIT operating system that serves as a platform for IoT (Internet of Things) devices, leveraging data collection from manual systems, machines, and sensors and converting this data into valuable information for more efficient operations and environmental control.

Machine Learning

By achieving a wider range of software and hardware integrations through inbuilt networking and automation, remote monitoring systems can effectively “teach” machines to operate with greater efficiency while learning through patterns, diagnostics, and resolutions.

Intelligent Tier of Connectivity

With 3E Works technology, industries can link devices to an intelligent tier of connectivity where a relationship between man and machine is enhanced via structured relational data cubes, applied analytics, AI algorithms, and machine learning. 

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3EW iPantau is a remote monitoring system that unifies a wide variety of devices in the cloud (including non-standard devices and systems) to an identifiable network of objects (including personnel, machines, and methods) operating under a system of standardised or customised protocols. This networked infrastructure permits the adoption of AI, machine learning, fog computing, and data analytics (stochastic, pattern recognition, big data) to process and communicate information from and to the hardware level.

DNA Framework

The DNA Framework is a cloud-based IoT application generator with the power to clone IOIT software and create a custom workflow engine via specialised software. With the DNA Framework, industries can take data from 3EW iPantau and test, deploy, and document processes to achieve synchronised development and configuration through cost-efficient third-party systems without the need for dedicated developers. 


The final stage in the remote monitoring system process, 3EW-IVIDS (3EW Intelligent Variable Information Distillation System) combines 3EW iPantau and the DNA Framework into an intelligent data map of algorithms and features where data analytics engines, intuitive dashboards, and analysis reports bridge data with overall business intelligence. By creating a network of IOIT objects and translating it into an industry-tailored data cube, it becomes possible to achieve a new level of data correlation and design methods of efficiency based on real-time information.

How it Works

The remote monitoring system process involves 3 stages of data collection and integration to achieve revolutionary workflow enhancement

Proven effectiveness for these industries

Equipment Shelters
Data Centres
Transportation of Food


Frequently asked questions

Can 3EW iPantau be integrated with third-party devices?

Yes, if communication port protocol is provided by a third-party manufacturer.

What devices can be integrated with 3EW iPantau?

·      Rectifier controller

·      Generator

·      DC system (multi-tenant consumption and battery monitoring system)

·      Grid system

·      Solar system

·      Wind turbine

·      Battery system (lithium ion/VLRA)

·      Anti-vandalism

·      Access control (RFID, keypad)

·      Camera

·      Asset management

·      Building management system

·      HVAC/free cooling unit/heat exchanger

·      Flood management system

·      Read and control any devices that has a communication port with protocol

What sensor can be integrated with 3EW iPantau?

Digital and Analog sensors

       i.     Fuel sensor

     ii.     RTD (temperature sensor)

     iii.     Humidity sensor

     iv.     Door sensor

      v.     Smoke detector

     vi.     Motion sensor

    vii.     Wind speed and direction

   viii.    Sun irradiation sensor for solar panel

     ix.     RF-based asset tracking sensor

In case of power outages, will 3EW iPantau still works?

Yes, 3EW iPantau comes with battery backup which last minimum 2 hours.

Can 3EW iPantau works with third-party backend applications?

Yes, it can be integrated with existing third-party applications ERP, SAP, and other non-standard application.

Can 3EW iPantau application work with third-party RMS/EMS/BMS?

Yes, provided application credentials and database access are given.

What is the size of 3EW iPantau?

The size varies from 1U to 4U based on the model selected or required by the client.

Can it be wall or rack mounted?

Yes, both methods are available for clients.

How can you monitor and control the devices connected to 3EW iPantau?

With customized web UI and mobile interfaces to interact with equipment.

Can 3EW iPantau be configured remotely?

Yes, partially on what parameters need to be configured.

What power source is required to power up?

A 48DCV supply is required.

What is the system power consumption?

The system load minimum is 48-watt and the maximum is 80-watt at 48DCV, based on the selected model and features.

What type of camera does 3EW iPantau support?

3EW iPantau supports a minimum 1.3MP IP camera of any brand, both PoE and normal.

How many RTD (temperatures sensor) can be measured?

A minimum of 2 to 4 units can be measured based on the customer’s requirement.

What type of browser is required?

3EW iPantau supports the following web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

Does the mobile version support android and iOS?

3EW iPantau supports both android and iOS.

How are the critical alarms communicated with stakeholders?

SMS, WhatsApp group, telegram group and email if required by client.

Can legacy and outdated equipment can be connected to 3EW iPantau?

Yes, but these require an additional interface.

What is the data interval in send to backend?

·      Standard 10 minutes configured for non-edge computing, but this can be changed based on the client’s requirement.

·      For Edge computing enabled, sixty-second data is analyzed at site level and a summary of it will be sent at one-minute intervals as data to the backend.

How are alarms sent?

Alarms are communicated in real time.

How is the data and communication security provided?

It is provided using TLS or SSL encryption.

What communication from the site to the backend does 3EW iPantau support?

·      4G modem

·      Ethernet

·      NB-IoT (option)

·      Our system also supports Wi-Fi and Lora

How many tenants does 3EW iPantau supports?

3EW iPantau supports 5 tenants per DC card.

Does 3EW iPantau come with surge, reverse voltage, and over-voltage protection?


How many lithium-ion batteries does 3EW iPantau support?

It supports 1 to 24 units per port based on the model and client’s system.

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